Overview of Curriculum Topics for 2023

Introduction To The Nature of Pegmatites.
Introductory Concepts of Igneous Rock Formation and Mineral Composition.
Overview of Pegmatite Mineralogy.
Pegmatites in Relation to Other Igneous Rocks.
The Role of Volatiles and Fluxes in the Crystallization of Pegmatite Melt.
The Structural and Textural Variations within Pegmatites.
The Origin and Classification of Pegmatites.
Origin of Oxford Co., Maine Pegmatites  - Anatexis
How to Assess Gem and Mineralogical Potential of Pegmatites.
Mineral Associations within Maine Pegmatites.
"Pockets" In Pegmatites, Formation and Mineralogy.
Information on Pegmatite Topics by guest speakers.
Daily Field Trips Will Be Used To Illustrate These Topics.
Schedule by Day - We are still designing our curriculum and inviting speakers. This page will change over time to reflect the schedule— Current Schedule of Curriculum and Field Sessions, subject to change.

Possible Field Trip Pegmatites: Mt. Mica, Mt Apatite, Havey, Emmons, Hayes, OutBack, Tamminen, Waisanen, Orchard, Bennett (selection varies by conditions)