The 19th Annual Pegmatite Workshop!

Granite pegmatites are intriguing geological structures to study. Found worldwide, they have been examined and mined for commercial, hobbyist and academic reasons for centuries. Even with this history, pegmatites are still considered difficult to comprehend. They are individually diverse in their structure, mineralogy, and paragenesis, but simultaneously there are enough similarities between all pegmatites to be worthy of comparison and study by the miner, mineral collector and academic alike. Whether your interest in pegmatites is purely academic or simply to learn where to look for mineral specimens in these structures, an understanding of pegmatites is crucial and can require years of questioning others, weeding through the obscure literature, independent study and field work. To speed this process along, studying with an excellent instructor can be most beneficial, quickly adding to your knowledge base and comprehension. But finding a teacher to work with is difficult, an expert pegmatologist almost impossible. Introducing The Maine Pegmatite Workshop - 2020.  We are pleased to invite you to attend a unique, week-long opportunity to workshop the topic of granite pegmatites with five expert pegmatologists and other registrants of the same interests. Our objective is to present a comprehensive, hands-on and thorough educational Workshop on Pegmatites. The current information and theories about pegmatite paragenesis, mineralogy and petrology will be presented, guiding our registrants from the basics, through to the current theories and research of tomorrow.

By encouraging interaction, open discussion, and exchange of information with the faculty, they also want to learn from you. We have limited the registration to 30 people, so there is as much interaction as possible with and between everyone. Although the Workshop is intent upon discussing pegmatites on a World-wide basis, we have chosen Maine for the Workshop for its abundant and diverse selection of pegmatites, its mineral wealth and the availability of freshly exposed pegmatite quarries and minerals. We will be using at least six of these pegmatite quarries/mines as field examples. We accomplish all of this in an intensive seven day period, where each day, half of the time is in the classroom and the other half is out in the field. To add to this experience, there will be time set aside for your own field collecting at these closed locations. The faculty has produced the first textbook ever written about pegmatites- our textbook PEGMATOLOGY. It is full of information not easily found anywhere else. It is our Workshop course book and is entitled "Pegmatology: Pegmatite Mineralogy, Petrology and Paragenesis." Full of details which have been gathered specifically to compliment this Workshop, it is a text you will use for many years. As a registrant, you will receive your own copy, included in the registration fee. Over the last decade, we have been fortunate to have some of the best and highly inquisitive registrants attending the Maine Pegmatite Workshop, who have taught us much of the academic needs of those who are interested in the pegmatites located around the World. We have taken our registrants interests, opinions and comments each year and tailored our Workshop to explore as many topics as we can in seven days. We hope you will become a registrant in 2020 and enjoy this experience, as many have in the past.